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    Welcome to the FX Bridge Technologies Blog. The world's most successful traders include options in their portfolio. For most forex traders, you've not had that same opportunity. FX Bridge's platform ProTrader Plus, is a game changer by providing same account spot and options trading. In addition, FX Bridge's suite of tools will help you better analyze, evaluate, and execute your and your advisor's trading strategies.

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  • Finding the Holy Grail

    Everybody is looking for customers who will stay. I remember being a broker and calling thousands of numbers looking for someone who had interest and ability to trade with me. The topic I brought up in my conversation was always interesting and everybody wanted free information to learn more about whatever was newsworthy. The trick […]

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    Binary Options Outlawed

    This is big news but not exactly surprising. What happens to an industry where under the guise of trading, it’s actually just gambling?   The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) – led by Prof. Shmuel Hauser announced that “Trading platforms in Israel will be barred from marketing such services to their clients because the ISA considers the phenomenon […]

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    Karsten “Cash” Mahlmann, RIP.

    The legendary trader & longtime chairman of the CBOT has passed away at 78. http://www.smithcorcoran.com/obituary/karsten-cash-mahlmann/  As it reads in his obituary, Cash was the epitome of the American Dream having boarded a freighter when he was 20 years old to find his fortune in the United States. Mahlmann grew professionally from being a runner at the Chicago […]

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    FX Options Volume Is Exploding

    Victor Golovtchenko is one of those writers who finds great stories and brings them to life. Victor just uncovered the truth about the growing trading volume in FX Options. Naturally, FX Bridge has been a strong promoter of same account spot and options trading for many years. It’s inevitable that spot and options trading will become the norm […]

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    The Secret All Spot Traders Should Know

    Although options are complex financial instruments, traders who are new to options can use them for very simple, yet effective strategies: sell options to initiate limit and stop orders. In using short options as limit orders, the sale of a naked put is used as a vehicle to get long spot at a pre-determined price […]

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