Monthly Archives: December 2014

Options Are the Only Way

Sometimes when reading the news and trade recommendations from experts, you find that volatility is a factor to how to position a trade. As many of our blogging recipients know, options provide trading and risk management strategies that spot trading alone cannot. There are always a few holdouts that believe that with indicators and proper timing, […]

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Money Changers using Options

Here’s another example of a company with ties to Foreign Exchange that is enhancing their offering with options.  With the most recent announcement with Fenics, TTT Moneycorp Ltd “MoneyCorp” is adding the award winning risk management system, Fenics Professional, to their back-office. Why would a company with over 50 years experience in exchanging currency for […]

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Options are going mainstream

  You know that you’re on the right track when you see competition popping up. Even though sometimes the competition appears no more than a 1985 Yugo (with a rear window defroster to keep your hands warm while you pushed it), it’s a start.  From the makers of Options R Easy, comes an MT4 plug-in to show the […]

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