Monthly Archives: January 2015

All FX Bridge Clients Weather CHF Storm

FX Bridge is pleased to report that all customers using its ProTrader Plus same-account spot and options trading platform weathered the SNB announcement and the ensuing volatility in CHF pairs in fine shape.  In fact, options traders and spot traders utilizing options risk management strategies fared substantially better on average than did spot-only traders. FX […]

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FX MT4 Dealers Making Too Much Money!

According to a recent news article by Victor Golovtchenko of ForexMagnates, “MetaQuotes has revealed that “a forced” decision was made to increase the fees to $1,000 per month in a move which could force some white labels to start looking to diversify away from Metatrader.”  OUCH! Apparently if you’re using MT4 you make $12,000 too much […]

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Options are Global

I came across an article that provided a decent description of forex instruments. Counting Pips has great articles and worth subscribing to. This article caught my eyes because it mentions FX Options – a subject near and dear to my heart. MTrading, who sponsored the article, follows the philosophy that education is the first part of […]

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