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Options are Global

I came across an article that provided a decent description of forex instruments. Counting Pips has great articles and worth subscribing to. This article caught my eyes because it mentions FX Options – a subject near and dear to my heart. MTrading, who sponsored the article, follows the philosophy that education is the first part of […]

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Options Are the Only Way

Sometimes when reading the news and trade recommendations from experts, you find that volatility is a factor to how to position a trade. As many of our blogging recipients know, options provide trading and risk management strategies that spot trading alone cannot. There are always a few holdouts that believe that with indicators and proper timing, […]

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Options are going mainstream

  You know that you’re on the right track when you see competition popping up. Even though sometimes the competition appears no more than a 1985 Yugo (with a rear window defroster to keep your hands warm while you pushed it), it’s a start.  From the makers of Options R Easy, comes an MT4 plug-in to show the […]

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