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Trading ideas come from many sources. Ultimately, the choice to trade is up to the trader. The risk and the reward belongs to the trader, not the trading strategy. This category assembles trading ideas and strategies.

The Secret All Spot Traders Should Know

Although options are complex financial instruments, traders who are new to options can use them for very simple, yet effective strategies: sell options to initiate limit and stop orders. In using short options as limit orders, the sale of a naked put is used as a vehicle to get long spot at a pre-determined price […]

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The World of Small Businesses Need FX Options

Certainly, one of the most prominent topics in the FX world is, “Who is trading FX?” Treasurers in the large institutions have been using FX to hedge their profits for years. Why? The answer is simple. When billions of dollars are at risk, a small percent change in the exchange rate of a currency will have a […]

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Making Sense of Bonuses in Forex Trading

I met Eric in Tel Aviv many years ago. What struck me most about him was 3 points: a) Eric has got a rapier like wit. I admire this because it’s backed up by a keen mind. b) Eric has got a tremendous sense of fair play. He’s a realist about why he’s a broker. He’s […]

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Volatility on the Rise!

Volume and volatility “Saxo Bank FX options trader Kresten Bechmann says that EURUSD volatilities continue to rise ahead of today’s FOMC meeting, adding that ‘I was surprised yesterday and am even more surprised today’ to see the continued rise.” OPTIONS TRADERS ALERT! This sounds like an opportunity – but keep reading for the rest of […]

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FXDD Webinar

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From our Friends at FXDD: Dear Trader, FXDD Global would like to invite you to our FREE “Intro to FX Options” webinar, presented by FX Bridge. Join FX Options specialist, James Friedman, as he explores the excitement, allure and opportunity of trading FX Options. FXDD Global continues to be committed to the success of our […]

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